Add / Remove From List

What are Lists

Lists help you group or tag accounts in Verisoul to enable custom workflows. Some lists exist by default and come with logic while others are simply a grouping of accounts. You can add or remove accounts to lists in the dashboard.

See Lists more information.

How to Add or Remove from a List

Accounts can be added or removed from Lists via our API (see API reference here), as well as via the Verisoul Dashboard.

To add or remove an account from a list in the dashboard, there are three options! See below:

1) From the Lists Tab

The primary place to interact with Lists is on the Liststab in the dashboard. You can add and remove accounts.

2) From the Accounts Table

You can also easily add and remove Accounts from Lists on the Accounts table in the Accountstab. See below:

3) From Investigate AI

When investigating an Account on the Investigate AI tab, you can see any Lists that Account is in. You can also easily add or remove the Account from lists. See below: