Account/Session Deep Dive

You can use our API to dive deeper on any account or session. Since Verisoul continuously monitors sessions even after you authenticate a session the risk score may change.

  • Latest Session Detail: Receive updated scores, and data from any session
  • Latest Account Detail: Receive the current status of any account
  • Linked Accounts: For a given account, see every account linked and how

Latest Account and Session Detail

Since Verisoul continuously monitors a session it is possible for session (and subsequently account) risk to change throughout their lifetimes.

  1. GET /account/{account_id}
  2. GET /session/{session_id}

These endpoints will recalculate and provide the latest scores and data for the given account or session. Further, they also provide added metadata that isn't returned during session authentication. For example, the GET account response includes helpful attributes about an account like:

"unique_devices": {
  "1_day": 1,
  "7_day": 3
"unique_networks": {
  "1_day": 1,
  "7_day": 5

Accounts Linked

The GET account/{account_id}/accounts-linked endpoint provides the relevant information for any linked accounts.

  1. account_id: the linked account id
  2. score: the strength of the match (1 = strongest, 0 = weakest)
  3. match_type: an array of values showing what the two accounts were linked on
    1. Values can include: {device, browser, email, network}