Use this glossary to understand each field in Verisoul's dashboard and API

Decisions & Scores

Authenticate Session

account_idStringYour UUID for the current user
decisionString {Real, Suspicious, Fake}How risky the user is: Real, Suspicious, Fake - use this to create workflows (like blocking or challenging a user)
account_scoreFloat [0-1]The risk probability on 0-100%, where 100% is riskiest
botFloat [0-1]Probability of automation / bot activity
risk_signalsFloat [0-1]Probability that the user is fraudulent or fake - based on device, network, and identifiers
multiple_accountsFloat [0-1]Probability that the user has more accounts than allowed
accounts_linkedIntegerNumber of other accounts the user is tied to
listsArrayAny lists that the user is part of; use in workflows

Account Details


num_sessionsIntegerCount of unique sessions from account
first_seenDateTimeTimestamp of first session we saw this account
last_seenDateTimeTimestamp of most recent session

Unique Devices & Networks

unique_devicesIntegerCount of unique devices used by account over time span (1 day or 7 days); time is relative to last_seen (not current time)

More devices = more risk (and potential account sharing)
unique_networksIntegerCount of unique IPs used by account over time span (1 day or 7 days); time is relative to last_seen (not current time)

More networks = more risk (and potential account sharing)


personalBooleanWhether email is a known personal address domain (e.g., gmail)
disposableBooleanWhether email is a known temporary / disposable domain (fake email)
validBooleanWhether email is valid / real

Risk Signal Averages

Time-based risk averages for each of our risk signals: Float [0-1]

Session Details


Information about the IP address for the given session

ip_addressStringIP of connecting users
service_providerStringCompany / Internet Service provider that maintains connecting IP
connection_typeString {mobile, datacenter, business, education, government, hosting, banking}Type of connecting IP address


Geolocation information based on the current session's IP address

continentStringContinent of session IP address
country_codeString (2-letter format)Country of session IP address
cityStringCity of session IP address
zip_codeStringZip Code of session IP address
latitudeFloatCoordinate of IP address
longitudeFloatCoordinate of IP address


Information about the current session's browser

typeStringBrowser type (e.g., Chrome, Safari)
versionStringBrowser major version
languageStringBrowser preferred language


Data about the session's current device

categoryStringThe device category (e.g. desktop, mobile)
typeStringDevice model (e.g., iPhone, Android)
osStringOperating system
cpu_coresStringNumber of cores detected
gpuStringDetected GPU (graphics processing unit)


Behavioral events observed for the given session at the time of prediction

mouse_num_eventsIntegerNumber of mouse events observed
click_num_eventsIntegerNumber of click events observed (1 click = 1 event)
keyboard_num_eventsIntegerNumber of keystrokes observed (1 up/down = 1 event)
touch_num_eventsIntegerNumber of touches observed (1 up/down = 1 event)
clipboard_num_eventsIntegerNumber of copy / pastes observed (1 copy or 1 paste = 1 event)

Risk Signals

Risk probabilities about the current session

device_riskBooleanCurrent device is an emulator, virtual machine, or has suspicious characteristics
proxyBooleanSession IP is a detected Proxy IP (hiding their true IP and location)
vpnBooleanSession IP is a known VPN IP (hiding their true IP and location)
datacenterBooleanSession IP is a known datacenter IP (hiding their true IP and location)
torBooleanUser is connecting via known TOR network
spoofed_ipBooleanUser is connecting via known fake / spoofed / invalid IP
recent_fraud_ipBooleanCurrent IP has been marked for fraud in last 30 days
impossible_travelBooleanUser traveled impossible distance between recent sessions
device_network_mismatchBooleanDevice characteristics of user don't match typical network connection characteristics for that device (indicates potentially suspicious device)