Lists help you group or tag accounts to enable workflows for specific user groups. Verisoul provides a set of standard lists by default that enable common use cases.

The following lists come standard with any project:

  • allow: Marks every account in the list as Real
  • block: Marks every account in the list as Fake
  • main_account: Sets the multiple_accounts score to 0 for every account in the list
    • Use this if you want to let a user with several accounts keep one main account

Because each list has logic, an account can only be in one of the lists above at a time. Any account can be in multiple custom lists (see below).

See Lists and Their Accounts

To view the complete Account roster for any list, you can use our API or our dashboard.

In the dashboard, follow the instructions below:

Add or Remove Accounts from Lists

Accounts can be added or removed from Lists via our API (see API reference here), as well as via the Verisoul Dashboard.

To add or remove an account from a list check out our dashboard instructions

Custom Lists

Custom lists offer users the flexibility to create user-defined groups that do not influence the core application logic but are useful for organizing and tagging accounts.

Unlike the standard lists (allow, block, main_account), where an account is limited to a single list membership, custom lists allow for multiple associations. This means an account could simultaneously be part of both a standard list, such as 'allow', and several custom lists, e.g., 'paid' and 'verified'.

Custom lists are created through the create list endpoint. Custom list memberships are visible both in the API responses and the dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of account categorizations.