The integration process is straightforward and typically takes one developer just half a day, allowing you to quickly harness the benefits of near real-time monitoring and risk detection capabilities. Designed with developers in mind, the solution can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your application.


See Quickstart for Pilot Integration


Verisoul's integration includes three components:

  1. Frontend SDK
    1. Invisible Monitoring: Analyzes user behavior, device and network without impacting their experience
    2. Works across Platforms: SDK works in native webviews, desktops and mobile browsers
    3. Simple and Seamless: Easy installation and built to be super performant
  2. Backend API
    1. Real Time Decisions and Data: Securely receive risk scores and data about users in real time so you can build workflows
    2. Manage and Investigate Accounts: Programmatically view, update, and delete any session or account
  3. Dashboard
    1. Unified: Provides a single view into all your accounts and ongoing aspects of risk
    2. Trends: Monitor trends and latest risk spikes with helpful graphs and charts
    3. Admin: Govern and configure your Verisoul Platform for your team and use case


There are three steps to using Verisoul in production:

  1. Initialize Frontend SDK and Session: Install the frontend SDK and get a session when your app needs to assess the account's risk.
  2. Authenticate Session: Use the backend API to inform Verisoul which account a session belongs to.
    1. Note, this is the same operation as calling Verisoul.account() in the client. For testing and pilot period you may use the frontend call however in production it is required to replace that with this API call from a secure backend server.
  3. Deep Dive on Accounts & Sessions: Look closer at suspicious and fake accounts by seeing their previous sessions or any accounts they are linked to.