Get started with Verisoul with a simple client side integration. By the end of the guide you'll be able to see accounts and sessions populate in your dashboard.

A Verisoul Project ID is required to begin integration. Click here to get started


Use this guide for the pilot integration

1. Install SDK

Install the SDK by copying and pasting this line onto your site's template. Remember to replace with your project_id

<script async src="https://js.verisoul.ai/{env}/bundle.js" verisoul-project-id="{project_id}"></script>

It is recommended to use async or defer script attributes, or put the tag in the body to decrease page load times. If you choose these methods make sure the Verisoul object is initialized on the window before using.

2. Authenticate Session

After the user is authenticated or when the account identifier becomes available call account() to let Verisoul know which account the session belongs to. Note that account() is idempotent so it can be called once at the beginning of a session or many times such as on each page load.

You can also include any other account identifiers such as email. If you want Verisoul to run email intelligence AI on your accounts, make sure to pass the email in the object. It must be sent in addition to the account_id, even if the account_id is the email.

    function login() {
        // log in user
        // ...
        const accountId = "yourInternalAccountId";

        // share account and optional identifiers with Verisoul
        await Verisoul.account({
          id: accountId, 
          email: "[email protected]"

Once the user logs out call reinitialize() to let Verisoul know that the account is no longer active on that session. This is required to prevent multiple accounts being tied to one session.

    async function logout() {
      // log out user
      // ...

      // reset session
      await Verisoul.reinitialize();

3. Visualize Data in Dashboard

Navigate to the Verisoul Dashboard to see what your sessions and account look like. If things look accurate, you're ready to deploy!

What’s Next

The client side only integration is useful for integrating Verisoul quickly or testing during the pilot period however in production it recommended you complete the integration with Verisoul's backend API for more security. See the integration overview for more detail on what that looks like.