Response Details

Authenticate Session

project_idstringthe id of the project
request_idstringthe id of the request
account_idstringYour UUID for the current user
decisionstring {Real, Suspicious, Fake}How risky the user is: Real, Suspicious, Fake - use this to create workflows (like blocking or challenging a user)
account_scorefloat [0-1]The risk probability on 0-100%, where 100% is riskiest
botfloat [0-1]Probability of automation / bot activity
risk_signalsfloat [0-1]Probability that the user is fraudulent or fake - based on device, network, and identifiers
multiple_accountsfloat [0-1]Probability that the user has more accounts than allowed
accounts_linkedintegerNumber of other accounts the user is tied to. To maintain low latency will never return higher than 1,500 ; to get full results call GET /accounts-linked
listsstring[]Any lists that the user is part of; use in workflows

See Session Detail and Account Detail for explanation of other fields. In order to receive email intelligence you must provide an email field as part of the account object.

Note: Verisoul frequently adds new scores, data and intelligence to our API endpoints. However, we will not remove existing fields without advance warning.

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